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It was a different day in DC. A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm, who writes: I am serious about this: people on the streets were happy. They were radiant. They wore their little “I Voted” stickers or held them proudly stuck to their index fingers or carefully between pincers and they smiled as they walked out of the many polling places here around my beloved Capitol Hill.

What dad said. Elizabeth Nolan Brown. If you want to know why Ohio was won by Obama, here’s why.

40 Years and 7 Months Later: 9:00 PM Election Night 2008 14th and U. Herb of DC

Preparing for visitors in January? The perfect bag for out of town guest is $15. Decidedly Uncomplicated

The Cutest: Senator (President-elect) Obama and the Mrs. Hello Negro. Photos.

I Heart America. Design Strategies … strategies that serve.

Google Street View — check it out. Greater Greater Washington.

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