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Wow. The world certainly has changed since my youth. The home of the capitol of the Confederacy gave its electoral votes to a half-black/half-white man. And yesterday was Guy Fawkes Day: Parliament didn’t get blown up, representative democracy survived, and got passed on to us, giving most of us here in the District our employment, directly or indirectly – so let’s celebrate.

Exactly how many babies did Barack Obama hold, hug, or kiss during the campaign? I have no flipping clue, but Yes We Can (Hold Babies) has pictures of most of them. Don’t worry. If cuteness dismays you, I’ll post a picture of a pterodactyl or something. Just let me know.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown writes about how a conservative must be feeling right now in Hi, I’m Elizabeth, I Write Here(“We’re Going to Hell in a Handbasket” or something like that), although she supposes that said conservatives are pleased about various states attempts to “protect” marriage by banning it for about ten percent of the population.

Foggy Dew proposes a boycott of California products to protest the gay marriage ban (“California voters outlawed gay marriage yesterday, but approved a ballot measure giving egg-laying chickens more rights.”) and declares that the latest Apple purchase will now not occur.

Scott’s Take summarizes a number of reactions to the passage of California’s Proposition 8

Let’s remember Shirley Chisholm (I was about the age of my daughter – a big Obama fan – when Ms. Chisholm ran for the presidential nomination), as the author of I Wanna Sing Like Sarah “Sassy” Vaughn* does.

What a Difference 40 Years Makes” per the Goodspeed Report. I remember the riots of ’68 from child’s eyes. The world really has changed, and, for once, for the better.

Roissy wonders whether the president elect is actually an alpha male due to how the perceived relationship between Michelle Obama and her husband (trust me, it’s not a positive perception).  Then theories are thrown around about Michelle being privately submissive (sure, buddy) or now disposable (hey, my impression is that our future president is a stand-up guy, but I guess reasonable minds can differ).   My question:  does anyone intelligent (or anyone pleasant to be around) actually think that way seriously or is it just a marketing gimmick?  Yowza.  I’m hoping against hope that this is just some Gen Y or later in-joke that people of my generation just don’t get, but eesh.  And yuckola.  And yuckaroo.  And having posted to “What a Difference 40 Years Makes”, I guess this is the “Sometimes Nothing Changes” (or even gets worse) post.

An Open Letter to People Afraid of Obama. Kittens With Mittens

NotionsCapital files this report about one DC polling place. He writes: 1,364 people cast ballots for Barack Obama in a DC school building with a notorious history of racial segregation.

Twelve Real Reasons Why Obama Won. To Blog Or….. The reasons? They include his height, ears, and the Cubs, among others.

*I want to sing like Ms. Vaughn, too, but that ambition is simply ludicrous when expressed by me.