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Falls Church wins! Falls Church wins!!! In the hubbub of some other election, you might have missed the battle royale between Falls Church and Charlottesville. The challenge:  As Blueweeds reports: Falls Church Wins Voter Turnout Challenge. Warning: For reasons I can’t quite understand there’s manboobs included in this story. Avert your eyes while celebrating “Fake VA’s” win.

Given the District’s voting percentage, DC Fab thinks it’s a pretty safe bet that some of us are as obsessed with the Obamas as she is. I don’t know what she’s — what!? did someone say Obama!? Her latest pondering? Malia and Sasha Obama…where will they go to school?

In yet another burning question about the Obama Administration, College Grad Real World investigates: The impact on sports of President Barack Obama. Gooooo blue team! I mean Purple Team. I mean there are no Teams, we’re all Winners. Yay!

And they say kids don’t care. GWblogspot (not to mention the election) tells a different story: GW knows where to go.

So you finally got your favorite newspaper from the historic election. Umm, now what? We Love DC has tips for Saving that paper.

Lacochran may just have been the only one doing work-work these last few days. Or at least thinking about work: spreadsheets and stuff. For reals. Excel conversations I have over and over again.

Advice for on how to get inauguration tickets. Hippo Crusades