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DC Teacher Chic is no longer an employee of DC Public Schools. Her reasons for leaving make it clear why DC’s schools are in trouble. This blog really opened a window into the school system. Excerpt:

Our parent meeting – our last ditch effort to eradicate the severe behavior problems of the 5th graders at our school – was attend by 10% of our students’ parents, even though ALL were individually contacted, and most said they would come. Almost all of the students were present for the meeting, because most stay for aftercare, and we had pizza.

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A Boy in Pajamas Made Me Cry. The movie. Venue Guru. … the end of the movie left me utterly heartbroken. The entire theater was silent. It’s the kind of movie that comes out every few years that everyone needs to see so that we never forget what can happen if good people don’t stand up against prejudice and cruelty.

Photo of Obama’s headquarters. Penn Quarter Living.

Life As List is 26.

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