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Reasoning with the Unreasonable All about Trey About dealing with the government. A rant that nonetheless ought to be required reading.

At the Naval Academy, they told us to make sure that we weren’t “yes men.” Don’t become some slobbering sycophant because that’s not what leadership is about. Now as a government contractor, you’ve never supposed to say no. “Of course I can solve world hunger.” And you can if you get the funding….

The Bachelorette Party The Daily Bulletin from Dating Hell The dating scribe attended a bachelorette party and left it many hours later with a buffet of stories for her dear readers. Here’s part of the set-up:

It was a scene straight out of Sex and the City. We were lounging on couches in B.’s stylishly outfitted living room sipping white wine and champagne, all dressed up in our going-out clothes. And we had six straight hours of noshing, laughing, and nasty, raunchy girl talk.

Eating on a budget in DC A Capitol Life Some budget dinning recommendations by Culocho. Among them, Pho 75, Moby Dick House of Kabob, and …

Like any good Latin girl, I have a soft spot for Julia’s Empanadas. Naturally the empanadas are good, I like the Chilean-style with beef and the Bolivian-style Saltenas. Each of these has just the right mixture of meat, olives & raisins tucked into a perfect handheld crust.

Open letter to Whole Foods on P Street DC Urban Family This is a new blog about “the stories of four urban 20-something’s living the dream in the U St. corridor.” DC Bachelor pointed this blog out in his DC Blog Scene Update. DCB wrote that it “has a lot of potential.” And he offered to help it grow: Maybe I’m going through a hormonal phase right now but I really want to take a new, small site and nurture it like the Young Republicans do to naive college students. In this post, the four members of DC Urban Family take Whole Foods i.e. Whole Paycheck, to task for removing Jamba Juice from its P Street branch.

What compounds this travesty are the lies that you have been propogating. The Boy and the The Material Girl have been told on several occasions by your staff that Jamba Juice will be returning. We have seen no signs of construction, but only the sad hungover faces of nearby residents.

Disobedient Maybe, but Damn Adorable Joe Tresh A series of photographs from the 12th Annual Pride of Pets held this past weekend at Dupont Circle. This photographer writes: PETS DC, a “non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with HIV/AIDS and their companion animals” that hosted the event, was kind enough to ask me to be the official photographer. Enjoy the puppy pics! Good party, great music, lame guy Metroblogging Generational differences at a dance club. A well-told story by Tiffany.

I was a little put off by how excited he looked as he went to put his drink down. I was wondering what I had just gotten myself into with Starey McEyeball when he returned, grabbed my hand, and led me out onto the dance floor.

Also Noted: Occasionally DC Blogs features the work of visitors to this city. Her Desires, a new blog, is a tourist report of a different sort. Our writer meets her lover at the downtown Hyatt because DC is the half-way point. She says she is only in a relationship because of their children: I’m 32, married for the time being, 2 kids-a girl and a boy, Live in a moderate to high income area, you know…the all American life. Right. I can play the part, but I have a secret. A secret that most of my internet friends know, but not anyone in direct contact with me. I have a friend, a friend who i’m deeply in love with, whom I go see every month for a week at a time. He is my best friend, my “boyfriend,” my lover….he is what people say a “soulmate” should be. New DC area arrivals, The Heerwigs, moved from New England. They describe the change in this post, Boxes & Podcasts: The change in weather from New England to here is incredible – 5 hours & you have perfect weather – I LOVE THIS PLACE! Last week was the DC Salsa Congress. To learn more about area Salsa activites check out the DC Salsa Blog. Information Leafblower turned 31 Monday.