DC Blogs Noted


Notions Capitol comments on the whole Blogging Is Dead” cliche.

Alternative Hippopatomus with advice on How to Be a Better Blogger. If that’s not your interest, then you may leave this post with some ideas on how to alienate people.

Everyone encourages you to take the Metro to the Anacostia Community Festival.  JDLand notes that there are some small complications.

Who pays a dollar for air in tires?  Well, I’m cheap, cheap, cheap, so not me.  But in Stimeyland more than $.25 (or nothing) has been paid for air.  A sign of the apocalypse?  You decide.

Better than a barrage of PeptoBismol pink:  Too Shy Too Stop discusses 501(c)(3) entity Keep-A-Breast foundation (because most of us don’t actually have a spare) which seems a welcome contrast to the annoying and infantilizing Avon pink crap.