DC Blogs Noted


Washingtonian has the skinny on Inauguration: Where the Parties Are.

BuggBlogg has some suggestions for those who would send him annoying fundraising ploys.

Insert your own punchline here. BdellaNea shares that the annual Leech Meeting is being held in Washington, D.C. No. Really.

New Columbia Heights shares a recent letter to the editor writer’s question: Too much parking?

D.C. Metblogs (and several other area blogs) remind you to join the protest on the mall to say No on Prop. 8

Tattle Teaching has some thoughts about our school superintendent, teaching, and school administrating. Oh I Wish I Were in Washington D.C.! Of course, her last post appears to be something called: Thank God We’re not Washington, D.C. Oh well, all’s fair in love and teaching.

Uhh, Obama collects comics?? Soft Lounge Blog wonders Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me Sooner???

So, about that other election… The Washington Post recently pronounced Georgetown Cupcake the winner of its Cupcake Wars. Gracious in defeat and wise in the ways of butttercream is U Street’s own Warren Brown (Warren’s blog) founder/owner of CakeLove and longtime local inspiration talks cake. And buttercream. Buttercreams inspired by European Baking.