DC Blogs Noted


Nobody Walks in L.A. or in Kensington. The writer of High Heels Backwards provides a history of her walks in places such as Morocco, where men harass women in public, Boca Raton, where she enjoyed freedom, and a trip to the local Safeway.

Photos of squirrel helping itself to a Halloween pumpkin. TheGreenMiles.net. And while we’re pointing out squirrel photos, here’s a link to the latest pet ‘net sensation, puppy cam.

The weekend was my very first hockey game. Ever. Writing in DC. A Caps fan is born.

Putting up the Christmas tree at Pentagon City. A string of photographs illustrates the entire process. free as in pizza

The DC Metro system is losing its luster. Spokes of a Wheel takes note of Metro’s new type of sign: Nothing says “this way to the seat of power” like corrugated cardboard and a Sharpie, right?

I’m proud to say I was the first to inform Jeff Simmermon that Obama collects comic books. Lonnie Bruner.

oh, metro! How to calm a screaming child. go big or go home.

A couple plays folk music in Dupont Circle and writes about it. Color Joy. Photos.

The economy has turned consumer thrift into a vice. Michael Kinsely, after strolling through the local Costco and Linens & Things, wrote this piece for the New York Times about his new angst to spend a little on a coffee maker bargain. And Why The Economic Downturn Doesn’t Seem To Have Affected Washington (Yet). Almost Georgetown. DC’s government-driven economy may insulate it from the downturn.