DC Blogs Noted


In defense of Mount Pleasant. Next American City. Ben Adler writes: The Washington Post reports that my neighborhood, Mount Pleasant is suffering from a plague of shuttered storefronts on its commercial strip, Mount Pleasant Street. Mount Pleasant is, in my humble opinion, far and away the best neighborhood in Washington.

The most embarassing moments in her life. A round-up of some great stories. Pie Pants. She writes: Let’s see, there was the time I accidentally grabbed a woman’s boob during a job interview. Or the time I was accidentally racist. Or my first accidental carjacking. Or when I brought sex toys to a wedding shower. Or my big fat messy trip to the hospital in China.

An Open Invitation to the President-Elect. Red Sky at Night

Photo collection: ashlee + paul: married! blonde photo: have more fun!

Leon’s Worst Movies Ever List. Listen to Leon

Hillcrest: No Longer DC’s Best Kept Secret. Urban Turf

Hate Is A Core Value At WTOP. Freewheeling Spirit

Popcorn still on the cob for sale at Dupont Circle farmers’ market. The writer at Edible Miscellany puts it in the microwave to try it out.

The Inauguration (get rich quick) Rental Chronicles, Part 1. Possibly a new high: $11,000. Housing Complex blog plans to follow along.