DC Blogs Noted


Dissenting Justice isn’t sure that President-Elect Obama’s cabinet selections so far reflect his campaign message of change.

On another, much wackier (okay, batshit insane) POV, Sugar ‘N Spice really doesn’t like our President-Elect.  What is it about the water in the U.S. that creates these conspiracy theorists?

More on the wacko political belief blog-of-the-day from Melissa the Misanthrope.

Giving Up Control looks at the unintended consequences that might come from an automakers’ bailout.

MeanLouise remembers Jonestown.

And remembering another loss, Ah Bugger reminisces about a brother, gone ten years.

It’s back. The Blogger Happy Hour, which started about four years ago, will return Friday, 8 p.m., at Bourbon, 2321 18th St. NW. Arjewtino has details. It’s open to everyone.