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If you see something, say something had no plans tonight. Then he started walking. A stroll down memory (and present-day thoughts) lane. Literally. Following the Path of Randomness

Track Twenty-Nine talks metro ridership, specifically the oh bazillion peeps or so that are predicted be aboard Jan. 20. Oy. Perhaps WashWords will stay home. Crowdphobia (aka Demophobia or Enochiophobia. Yah. I looked it up.). History? Crowdphobia? History? Hmm… still undecided. Read more about the expected demos and enochios here: Metro Plans for 1.6 Million(!) Riders Jan. 20

Urban Bohemian is having one of those days weeks. Fetch me my brain medicine

Lemmonex walks us through Thanksgiving Dinner. Whether it’s Papa John’s or Papa/Mama, the kids, those cousins, your in-laws, your bff, and your first ever turkey.  Final Call

And speaking of cooking…Cook and Book claims she’s no Top Chef, but I dunno, these leftovers aren’t too shabby. Turkey Sandwich anyone? Leftovers to hold you over.

Capital Complaints talks tech for the new administration Washington 2.0

LizkDC Dislocation talks beauty, current events, life, the Passage of time.