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As Thanksgiving begins so does the season of heightened family drama, writes Avert Your Eyes. But there is always the Parrot Story.

A taxi driver refuses to take the writer of the Anti DC to Columbia Heights. The driver is unsympathetic to the argument that this neighborhood is so gentrified it has its own Target. She tells of the experience and ask: Is Columbia Heights the ghetto?

Staying in Town for Thanksgiving? What’s up Arlington writes: When I tell people I’m staying home for Thanksgiving, people usually look at me like I’m a lonely shut-in.

Outdoor Holiday Events. An exhaustive listing at the After Hours Blog.

It’s all the puffy. The fashion void that is DC. Winter recommendations, including the Kana from Japan.

She’s just being Miley . . . EavesdropDC

Thanksgiving. The Slacker Kitchen. Something to be thankful for.

Site note: Have a good holiday. Back after Thanksgiving.