DC Blogs Noted


Suburban Fizz had the “you know you’re a parent” Thanksgiving day trip to the urgent care facility with a two-year old with a bleeding head wound.  As she says “it isn’t a holiday until someone requires emergency care. Can’t wait to find out what Christmas will bring!”

Bossy, of Iambossy.com apparently has a Kathy Griffin fixation, rediscovered while cleaning her computer desktop, for which Mr. Bossy has some explaining to do.

Bonuses and the Big ThreeMalnurtured Snay has some thoughts.

Your Neighborhood Librarian reminisces about a now defunct coffee shop in Baltimore.

Restaurant Refugee manages to avoid close up human contact for with the Lightly Bible Thumping Blond – for a second time.  Strike two.

Parking lot rage: Looking2Live experienced it, and at 6:40 A.M., too.  Who can get that angry that early in the day?

Greater Greater Washington looks at the discussion surrounding priority bus lanes.

City Sparkle DC has tips for the unemployed (from personal experience).