DC Blogs Noted


Crazy Lanea lovessss her some wool. What she hates: plying. W is for Wool

Regret Sucks!, so a friend told I am Yawar. He agrees but not in the way his friend meant it – despite her and everyone’s attempts to dissuade, he’s going home… to Pakistan. Because he has to, in his heart.

DC Rainmaker investigates the water of the Potomac. And what he finds is mucky. And lumpy. And, he has photos. Swimming in the Potomac

Capital Homes takes us through our real estate future, pondering Will DC Real Estate Get the Obama Bump? No, not the fist bump. The real estate bump.

The Vapor Trail does a good deed and is rewarded with a prize and great marketing idea (but I think it’s Guerilla marketing, Vapor. Just sayin.;) ) Gorilla Marketing: Starbucks & Zipcar

Need one more Thanksgiving leftover recipe? Of course you do. DC Foodies give us Pop Pop’s White Potato Pie