DC Blogs Noted


The Composite Sum of Obama’s Face. An advertising model used by a Dupont Circle dentist with a curious resemblance. Life Outtacontext

Winter Outlook. University of Maryland journalism major gathers data from squirrels, family and science to offer a seasonal outlook. It Never Snows in DC. Also, a dusting and so begins the panic season. Missives from the Birdcage.

A little tip. Prod and Ponder notes: When writing to apply to a graduate program, do not use “u” to abbreviate “you” and “ur” to abbreviate “your.” I know, it seems obvious. And yet…

Our New $20 Bicycle. The Slow Cook.

New yogurt place gets ready to open, Caliyogurt on 18th near Columbia. Photos. The 42.

ZooLights. Photos. Nice work at One Photograph a Day.

Bad dates for a birthday include April 15th. DC Spinster

Post Secret, which was created by DC area resident Frank Warren, says he needs to sell more books to keep paid advertising off his web site. Holiday Appeal.

Web site recommendation: PaperbackSwap by Advancing the Plot.