DC Blogs Noted


Jordan Baker of Dealing in Subterfuges is finally driven from slumber by news of what may be a burgeoning epidemic of Monkey Smuggling and considers the societal and metaphorical uses of the situation.  That’s one way to avoid hitting the snooze button again.

SingLikeSassy loans her space to Shades of Reality for a trial blogging run / guest post that examines the complicated existence for parents of bi-racial children.  

Rude Cactus considers the relative strong armed charity practiced by Starbucks in donating coffee to soldiers and has an inspiration for other ways to help.

As a man who has particular sensitivity to excess accessories ruining the lines of a suit, I found particular humor in Capitol Hill Style’s guide to avoiding the ire of Hill staffers waiting to clear security at government buildings.

Sure, this is an older post from Sexy, Single & Celibate, but it poignantly describes a too common condition of prolonged single-hood (especially when the temperature drops.)  In Skin Hungry, SS&C explains a basic need of the largest human organ.

To Blog Or outlines his criminal history in an attempt to break a cycle of blackmail and wage war against his municipal enemies in I am a Criminal.

In recognition of this difficult economic climate, Arena Stage demonstrates its commitment to community and theatre in announcing the “New Deal” seating that will sell for just $25. Arena Banter