DC Blogs Noted


MoCo Lotion sees the bright side in Metro delays (more Sudoku, Kakuro, and crossword puzzles done) but segues from being Mr. Know-It-All (MKIA) to wondering who the syndicated MKIA is and whether this individual knows that the rest of us know how to plug search terms into search engines.

Memories of and current experiences (and photos) of Metro by Kat at Swim Parallel.

A free of charge inauguration concert: thanks to On the Red Line (the concert is at the Shakespeare Theater Company’s Harman Theater one block from Gallery Place).

Charlcie writes about sneaky thyroid cancer.

Why does Senator Dodd want regime change in Detroit but not Wall Street?  Dissenting Justice wonders if there is some mysterious connection between Dodd’s conflicting position and his finance industry campaign contributors.

The Life of Brian (the blog, not the movie) has a great auto-industry bailout adversement.

In DC, of course, the auto-industry bailout isn’t the only thing to get mad about.  Shutter to Think has a photo and essay about other cause celebres that bring protestors here to block traffic.

DC Striving shares some book love.  We can all use more, and share more, of that.

Baggage Carousel 4 has a usage peeve regarding photos on local WordPress blogs.   Is “that annoying little bit of web magic whereby the owner of a blog provides you with a popout box showing the contents of a link on the page upon mouseover” something that is “a better user experience”?