DC Blogs Noted


Forget other local bloggers classes on how to pick up women, Arjewtino offers up gems in his Being Arjewtino: A Workshop such as: how to eat General Tso’s chicken four days in a row without gaining weight. Sign me upppp.

Don’t gel too soon is thinking about the inauguration and being enamored of the president-elect. The inauguration in 1961 she attended as a teen girl, that is. John Kennedy, Barack Obama, 2 Inaugurations and 2 Generations of Dreamers

While I thought this recipe from Herb of DC was going to tell lucky DC’ers how to get a date, and enjoy pudding with said date, it turns out to be even better. The recipe and the post turn out to be a bit sweeter than you’d expect on first blush, not unlike my bloggy crush Herb! I’m looking forward to my date, Herb…for pudding, of course. Herb of DC: The Christmas Date Pudding Recipe

Erin Slick discusses high maintenance women in Trap. Fortunately I — and more importantly, my fiance — already know I’m HIGHHHH reward.

What Liz Said talks speed dating. No no, no need to panic, her wedding’s still on; she’s talking friend dating, which indeed can be a challenge, especially when you’re new in such a transient city. Liz, despite being such a POOOOR correspondent, I too like walks on the beach, blogging, wedding planning on a budget, and being hillarious. OMG, it’s a match! Speed Friendship Dating, Maybe?

Ah, the holidays. Time for travels and sharing the joy with your fellow humans. Or venom, whichever. You’re Welcome takes us through her fun airplane ride, and eek, it’s part II, poor girl. Airplane Venom, Pt. II