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Enough Already Department: Teen Stabbed at 13th and U; Proceeds to Board Metro Train. 14Th & You, who writes: This reminds me of the Shaw gang wars from 2007, where you would see flare-ups every few weeks or so. Inevitably, the outcry over this violence will be tempered with the usual “you only care ’cause it’s happening in an area with pricey condos”. I know, because we’ve heard it before. And regarding 14th & U’s point about people from Des Moines, it’s duly noted, writes District, Schmistrict

It be official, kids. I have no holiday spirit, writes Hey Pretty. Checking account overdrawn, frozen organic burrito, but poker winnings help thaw out the mood.

Local Blogger Posts Thanks to Shoe-Thrower. City Desk

Travels of a Lost Texan has trouble with the Dupont Circle circle.

Something New Orleans has over DC: Snow. Photos. Painterly Visions.

Portraiture Now: Feature Photography at the National Portrait Gallery. DCist

Art of Shaving In DC’s Union Station. Off the Cuff.

Homeless, Jobless, Hungry in DC writes that he is starting to see more homeless families.