DC Blogs Noted

Books for sale, Columbia Road near 16th NW

Katherine of Who Invented Roses? explores alternate approaches to displaying loyalty to one’s employer in How I Ensure Job Security in a Tough Economic Climate.  No need to adjust your calendar, though, it’s not TMI Thursday already; she’s just early.

The DC Universe loans his blog to Dan Snyder to give him a chance to explain the fubar-ed mess he has made of the Washington football franchise since he purchased the team more than ten years ago.  Satire and sport find harmony in Guest Blogger Dan Snyder.

Manifest Density writes of his response to the Best of Music Lists for 2008 which includes a softly stinging rebuke of the modern music scene, and discusses the music that moved him this year. I can neither agree nor disagree with the musical assessments made because if it wasn’t jazz I probably didn’t listen to it; however the way Manifest Density wrote Music in the Year of the Rat made me want to change that.

In comparing and contrasting the transportation infrastructure of this country and Europe, I am a Lefty issues a challenge to the incoming Obama administration, and our collective sensibilities about moving people from place to place in her post Infrastructure, What’s the Deal.

I went to a shopping mall yesterday as matter of pure necessity – I needed a cigar and that was the closest place to buy one.  I was shocked with all of the signs of Christmas Consumerism* run amuck in this challenging economic climate.  In that spirit, The Life of Brian’s post, Tough Times and the Holidays, provided some uncommonly sensible advice to “right size” your holiday season.

* I ask those of other faiths (or none at all) forgive the Judeo Christian reference in light of my affinity for alliteration.

If you still need to get a tree to decorate this year, the Green Piece Blog offers some of the environmental pros and cons of real and fake trees in Real Tree v. Fake Tree.

The Average Blogger explores the quandary of dispensing discipline to her son in what might be seen as an open letter to his older self in Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Mama

Blogger December Meetup is tonight. Everyone invited. It’s at Regional Food and Drink (RFD) at 810 7th St. NW. at 7 p.m. Half-block from Gallery Place Metro, use Chinatown exit. Excellent chance to meet your fellow bloggers.