DC Blogs Noted

Gallery Place, DC Dec. 17 2008

DC Outsider announces an indefinite suspension of blogging.  Sad.

The Whitman Walker clinic has moved to a new, more “modest accommodations” and also laid off “tens” of employees, according to Vox Populi, who sees this as  a sign of the financial times.  The Georgetown Voice recently praised the Clinic’s programs and service to D.C.

Occam’s Razor‘s Mark wonders how traditional traditional marriage is.

Why Write Poems?”  wonders First Person Plural, the Writer’s Center blog.

Baking with butter — who knew it was so complicatedModern Domestic refers you to a New York Times article, and has additional comments.

District Chatter responds to some comments regarding it as a “ridiculous blog.”

I hesitate to include this link because it includes a link to a post of mine (but just ignore that, unless you are broke and need some tips on how not to spend money), but Freewheelin’ Spirit tells you all about how to use vinegar instead of more expensive and environmentally deleterious things like herbicide and Windex.  So check it out.

If NASA says you should be alarmed, should you be?  Twilight Earth writes about Arctic ice melt.

And Chalice Blog‘s Chalice Chick refers everyone to this [Expletive Deleted] You, Penguin as her new favorite blog.  Yup, this blog disses animals for fun, or possibly just out of contrariness, and in the latest post disses the king of the jungle(well, technically, lions are savannah predators, not jungle predators, so there you are).