DC Blogs Noted

NYC, Lower East Side art gallery

DC’s Unprincipled Principals. The Washington Teacher is on the hunt for questionable practices in the school district. She writes: On Tuesday evening, union members told horror stories of principals regularly interviewing DC students about their respective teachers in exchange for bribes of candy.

A letter of opposition to a gas station from three DC Council members to Mayor Fenty prompts some strong comments on the issue at Frozen Tropics. Letter is printed.

Experiences at two high-end restaurants, The Source and Charlie Palmer Steak. Baggage Carousel 4. The steakhouse wins.

Stupidity like this makes my head hurt. EavesdropDC

CatchUpLady‘s tweet: My first blog post from an airplane (that’s in the air!) [also on Twitter @DCBlogs]

Uh, Remember that job interview I had last week. Atlas Will Shrug. A geopolitical job interview.

The Economy of an Inauguration. CommuterPageBlog

Washington Photo Journal. Nighttime photo of Dupont Circle underpass.