DC Blogs Noted


Rick Warren II. Scott’s Take. Excerpt: Obama said throughout the election (and I heard him say it several times throughout Nevada, personally) that he wasn’t always going to tell us what we want to hear. Guess what? He’s delivering on that promise. Pundit Mom: Rick Warren is NOT Change We Can Believe In.

New neighborhood blog: The Georgetown Metropolitan May be this neighborhood’s first.

NotionsCapital writes: He’s not even in office, but President-elect Obama has already flip-flopped on a key campaign pledge.

I’m starting a trend. (That’s Why) The Lady is a Tramp, who writes: Forget ankle boots, shoe booties, or “shooties.” Photo.

Visiting the National Christmas Tree. So DC, who writes: I was pleasantly surprised with what we found: a beautiful tree surrounded by a wonderful collection of electric trains (and accompanying towns and bridges), and smaller trees representing each of the U.S. states and territories.

Google Maps has a wonderful service, called Google Transit, but Metro isn’t participating. Greater Greater Washington.

Recognizing a dive bar: a guide, at the Dive Bar