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Your Christmas Playlist on YouTube. Great list. Most likely to die alone.

It was Washington Cube‘s birthday this week. But nothing is ever as it seems in Cube’s world. She writes: For the first 21 years of my life, I didn’t have a name, legally.

Fire in the Argonne. A resident of this Columbia Road building in Adams Morgan runs downstairs to see what the alarm is about as firefighters pass him on the way up. Connetiquette Ave.

My Tiny Kitchen. the arugula files. Inspired by the New York Times series.

iSight + puppies. Pet Photos. Was It for This.

Note about photo: For years and years, these emergency fire faucets were positioned like this on I and 20th NW. But this past summer these lovers were pulled apart and straightened. So, if you see someone over the holidays banging on some faucets in an effort to restore a little bit of love and harmony in the world, you will know, dear reader, that this is not the act of a crazy person but the mission of a hopeless romantic. The 911 call will be completely unnecessary. Best of holidays to all from crew at DCBlogs.

* For those who have sent request, we will be updating the feed over the holidays.