DC Blogs Noted


Yglesias writes: The issue with Chinese food and DC isn’t that there’s no good stuff, it’s that there’s an extraordinary quantity of bad stuff.

City Girl DC writes: What does a single girl do for the holidays when her artist mother has uprooted and moved to yet another city and her married with kids sister is on the verge of divorce?

Mount Vernon Triangle to get a Buddha Bar. the Triangle. Does the idea of a bar featuring a large Buddha seem disquieting at all?

Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare is the name of the blog written by DC public school teacher. He teaches math.

A River Road non-update. Dear CNN, writes Lacochran’s Bloggery, I don’t know what sadistic game you’re playing but you have to stop scaring my mother.

Suburban Fizz looks at the list of the top 10 things to do in DC in Christmastime and picked three of them.

DC Fab list the top New Years Eve parties.

A year in review, that’s literally, a catalog. Famous DC