DC Blogs Noted


Gilahi went well below the Mason Dixon Line to visit family this holiday season.  While there he indulged in more than Sweet Tea and Sonic (to which Lemmonex pledges undying affection.)  If you aren’t bilingual, perhaps Gilahi will translate Dayum from its original Southern Speak.

Liebchen went in the opposite geographical direction and was faced with her family’s unwritten holiday traditions: Stubbornness & Competitiveness.  How a Game of Scrabble Nearly Caused a Family Feud relates the tale of dueling dictionaries at six paces. Learning to Fly

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino’s Kris surrenders her blog space to an old friend (italics are mine but her preface necessitates them) who uses both Socratic and Scientific Method to debunk the Syllogism of dating in the third decade and beyond.  Diminishing Romantic Returns is nothing if not a call for optimism in the New Year.

Nothing that I have to write will make Please Continue by Merujo, from Church of the Big Sky, any more poignant.  So just read it.

It seems there is an epidemic of previously unavailable women of the blogosphere finding men who embrace, admire, and are charmed by their inner commitment phobia.  One of my favorites, Brooke of Skrinkering Hearts, examines and makes some disclosures about her not so new ManFriend in Cause all I ask for is Instant Pleasure.