DC Blogs Noted


Eulogy for a Chevy Lumina. It wasn’t just a car, it was a big part of this writer’s life. Swim Parallel.

Not too long before the President-elect Barack Obama and family were scheduled to move into the Hay-Adams, Charlotte Harris went to the hotel and left with this blog post: Kickin’ it in Casa Obama

A taxi cab has Karaoke screen so passengers can sing along with Bon Jovi. Always a drunk, never a bride …

An Old Code Making a Comeback. Infinite Connections writes: Why do I even need a code? Because my intellectual judgment is so much better than my emotional judgment. Because somewhere along the way, I became way too tolerant, way too forgiving and understanding, and that has led to some dysfunctional relationships.

The Stirrup Queen is a finalist for the Weblog Awards under best medical/health blog. And So Good is a finalist for best food blog. [Please send a note if we missed your blog.]

A photo of a very strange looking exterior staircase. New Columbia Heights

Coincidence? I think not. Foggy Dew. About those ruby red slippers in the newly renovated American History Museum.

National Theatre Intermission Decorum. Avert Your Eyes encourages a men’s room takeover.

Beachgirl’s Budget Blog A late-20s woman details her budget, student loan, 401K and total assets. Since 12/21/05 she says her net worth has gone from -$23,000 to $69,000.