DC Blogs Noted


DC Teacher Chic has a new gig and sadly has to silence her blogging voice.  As a longtime fan, I thank her for her contributions to the blogosphere, hope that she will return even in some vague and anonymous form, and am sadden that The End of DC Teacher Chic will be her last post. 

I generally prefer not to think about baseball until temperatures are warmer and March Madness is over.  Yet Just Another Nats Fan posed some interesting questions about the relative attractiveness of playing for my home team in We Didn’t Want Your Board Game Either.

KC of Where’s My Cape is a woman of numerous talents. In Er…Skiing..Yeah! That’s the ticket!, she explains that keeping her primary walking appendages healthy may not be among those talents.

Brian of Urban Bohemian fairly notes that news of the new express version of one of Metrobus’s most popular lines, the 42, was not very widely broadcast, but I share his enthusiasm for the new service.  Reading about the 43 in Move over 42 made me happier than any news about a bus since my fourth grade nemesis started taking a different route home.

In another new year change for Metro, Jamie of Farm Fresh Meat has lost his personal “extended-cab, pop-top limousine” that used to ferry him from Columbia Heights to various destinations on U street and further south. He eulogizes the passing of the 66 bus in WMATA, Why do You Taunt Me?

A tale of 2 Amy’s – no, not the restaurant but one Amy lending her blog to another Amy – was the mental bookmark I placed in preparing this round-up.  Amy of The Big Piece of Cake has a guest post from Amy of Doobleh-Vay; Write yr Life is part admonition, part declaration, and part justification for authenticity in the blogosphere.

Inaugural plans still not firm? Pamela’s Punch provides a handy compilation of online resources to help you plan your long weekend.