DC Blogs Noted


Legal charity for the wealthy or legitimate pro bono work for a town fighting against the tyranny of mass transit?  Above the Law’s post might give you some insight. Should Ability to Pay Have Anything to do with Pro Bono Work?

Do you remember the moment when you lost the entirety of your cool?  Meg of Soup is Not a Finger Food has that moment via text message with her son.

No one needs be told that this economy is harshing everyone’s mellow, so if you are looking for employment in the public sector, Gordon Brown’s post, Think Tank Special, might be of use. Public Affairs Jobs

Arena Stage continues to demonstrate – with their wallets – that commitment to community goes beyond providing great theater.  The Stage Banter Blog announced Entourage Nights, which combines performing arts, social networking and deep discounts. 

Suburban Fizz has joined Bloggers For Good, a new organization dedicated to networking with a purpose.  Read about their first meet-up and how you can drink for a cause.

Belle of Capitol Style admits to having a beauty pageant past.  In her post, Inaugural Gowns: Tips and Tricks, she uses her experiences for the good of all women attending balls in the next few days.

Reya, of The Gold Puppy, examines her life and future as her birthday approaches.  What Changes, What Stays the Same are the reflections of a blogger who is about to turn 56.

How could I in good conscience ignore any post that alerts you, gentle members of the blogosphere, to free cupcakes?  Thank you, Johanna Knows Good Food for the alert from the Emergency Cupcake System.