DC Blogs Noted


Tender Thoughts tells the world I Look Good In Purple. And she does. Who wouldn’t? When it’s the Purple section of the Inaugural Festivities that is! Hey Tender, you know who else looks good in purple? Me! Washwords!

Brian notes that in triathalons and in life, the running always comes last. Except when it doesn’t. Crawl Before You Run

DC Rocks On invites you to come as you are to the Ball of Confusion alongside her (and the rest of us) on Tuesday. Got Plans?

What is it about the DC Metro area that makes us such a delicious (heh) market for the fishy pedicure. First Old Town Alexandria, and now…Photocynthesis shares that The Fish Pedicure comes to Aspen Hill

Q Street News wonders if Ikea and Pepsi are afraid of alienating their Republican customers. Apparently not. We now interrupt the Inauguration for this brief commerical message….

City Girl DC takes time to review a few of her favorite things, as she deals with her Inauguration Overload.

Thunderstorms Highly Likely loses one thing and finds another. Turning Corners (And Losing Keys).