DC Blogs Noted


The Barack Obama inauguration concert was more than a concert, writes the The DC Universe. Excerpt: It finally hit me when I was watching the concert by the Lincoln Memorial today. We didn’t elect a new president in Barack Obama. We crowned a new king.

Parade Ticket Holders: Get Over Yourselves. DCist

Not a Girl, Note Yet a Wino: Against all good sense, I do plan to be there on Tuesday, to walk with the dimwitted and the overzealous to see Obama sworn in as President.

America Needs You, Bruce Springsteen. City Desk: Bruce Springsteen killed the mall crowd.

My Oyster with photos and video of the concert.

Charlie Mack’s Granddaughter writes: Yesterday I went to Columbia mall to find outdoor wear for the inauguration and walked out with no outdoor wear but $100 worth of cosmetics at the MAC store…and I don’t even really wear makeup.

Dear Neighborhood Drug Dealer, Please leave! Best Wishes, The Community, writes Congress Heights on the Rise. Excerpt: As if living in the middle of a drug zone wasn’t the worst part insult is only added to injury out of the fact that some of these drug houses are in fact receiving benefits from the Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly known as Section 8).

A writing workshop recommended by Madam Mayo.