DC Blogs Noted


Two Shorten the Road announces the birth of the newest member of the DC Blogosphere.  Go visit Alexandra Has Arrived and leave your good wishes.

Tangible examples of the daunting tasks facing our new president are all around us.  One of them is far to our south and falling into the ocean according to Twilight Earth’s post about the Wilkins Ice Shelf.

Even DC Sports Chick, a self professed hater of all things political, found A Change [She] Can Believe In for On Frozen Blog.

Capitol Spice offers a list of restaurants participating in Alexandria’s Inaugural Restaurant Week and shares some advice to help one maximize RW enjoyment.

The blogosphere was chock-a-block full of inaugural musings.  Noticed from Northwest took a more reflective approach and wrote about the first moment she began to believe.

Lisa of Lemon Gloria stood among the masses on the mall for the swearing-in. She has some interesting observations about the cold and her strategies for dealing with it.

Photo: Screen shot of WhiteHouse.gov. New administration began posting at 12:01 p.m. Tuesday.

Monthly Blogger Meetup tonight at 7 p.m. Regional Food & Drink, 810 7th St. NW, less than a block from the Chinatown exit at Gallery Place. Everyone is invited. Attendance looks good. So far, 17 confirmed yes, 8 maybe. Open invitation to everyone.