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Washington Monument

Just in case you haven’t had an overload of inauguration-Barack-Obama-Is-the-Golden-Calf-Of-Our-Idolatry,* I have more Obamamania-and Inaugural-mania-in-the blogosphere, just for you.

According to An OC Girl Living in an Extraordinary World this inauguration is the best ever.

Growing up in the recently desegregated South, the inauguration reminded the author of Toddler Planet of an election she was glad to lose

Cuff of Countersignature saw something many of us didn’t do during our new President’s inaugural address.  It’s a mean thought, but it’s a good mean thought.

An open letter to President Obama from The Culture Wars.

Dr. Violet Socks of Reclusive Leftist is not a fan of Mr. Obama and apparently some feminists have questioned whether she has right-wing backing, which prompts her confession that she is a mole, Manchurian Candidate-like. 

And here’s one for the PUA and evo-bio/psych crowd (not):  Cows Gone Wilde on the alleged (or possibly completely non-existent) man-shortage.

 And famed spinster aunt and gentlemen farmer Twisty Faster of I Blame the Patriarchy has some thoughts on the possibly not-too-thorough-or-scientifically valid study finding that women find more physical satisfaction with richer men.

It’s not all-Obama-all-the-time:  the Iceland Weather Report blogs about the political and economic crisis there, not our little shindig here.

 *Hey, he’s my daughter’s hero, for no reason that I can discern, and I’ve gone along with her for the ride.  So no, I’m not mocking anyone other than myself.