DC Blogs Noted


You, madam, are no Ambrose Bierce ponders the wolves that paw at us and the benedictions, too, asking herself what the little shrine (to Obama) on her fridge was saying: Madam, which wolf are you feeding? Good wolf/bad wolf

DC Traveler reminds us there’s more to Lincoln than meets the inauguration. Celebrating the Lincoln Bicentennial in Washington, DC

Sing Like Sassy celebrates her anniversary and her honey remembering the little things. Three years down, a lifetime to go!

This girl in DC says goodbye to 2008 and helloooo 2009. You say goodbye, I say hello…

The Blossom Risk gets a reality check from a good friend and hopes her gratitude journal has enough pages.

And because, dangnabit: you didn’t really think I was going to avoid all what I saw at the Inauguration postings, didja? B and T Crowd doesn’t want to hold us back from the glory and landmark history capturing that is B(ridge) and T(unnel) Crowd: Premiering My 1st Inaugural Inauguration Thoughts and A Cat and Twentyshares some air and simple gifts. Mmm, that sounds nice. Cheers, happy two days after inauguration to all and to all a good night.