DC Blogs Noted


A long walk through Georgetown to say goodbye to an ill friend. BabyBlue

Praise for the new bus, the 43. Complaint Hub.

A round-up of Valentine’s Day menus in DC. Among them: The fish market at BlackSalt has an oven-ready tasting menu available for $120 per couple. After Hours Blog.

New coffee and tea shop: Coco Libre. New Columbia Heights.

With snow arriving, I-66 assesses his food supplies: I’m out of orange juice, almost out of Mountain Dew, and I could go for some spicy sweet chili Doritos

Matt’s Studio Apparatus: I can’t deny my love for BookForum any longer. And now I find out that they have a blog-like tally of all things literary. I mean super-dork stuff like Zizek articles and junk!

Good tip: Google updates satellite images. The Triangle.

Good behavior reported on Metro. Transportation Examiner. The last inauguration comment ever. Probably.