DC Blogs Noted


Scotus of the DC Universe is just about ready to end his relationship with the Washington Post’s Date Lab. Apparently it’s changed and he hasn’t.

Lost Black New Foundland in Foggy Bottom – please help someone find their lost dog. The blog, Find My Dog Alli

Scenic Wheaton is inviting you to have a drink.  That is to say that the LGBT HH at Quarry House is “open to all queers and friends of queers and anyone wishing to find a single queer to pose for pictures with their Grandma at their upcoming wedding.”

Are you looking for a creative way to express all of your anti February 14th angst and maybe earn cool prizes at the same time?  Perhaps you should consider entering Dabbled’s Black Heart Anti-Valentine’s Day Contest 2.0.

JT of So Good asks the quintessential question – Is nothing Sacred? – in examining the changes to Girl Scout Cookies.

Congratulations to Ivory Towerz for its millennial posting.

Cogito Ergo Twitter? Library of Congress says yes.