DC Blogs Noted


EconoGirl takes my former colleagues to task in What Reporters Will Never Admit… Oh, we admit it. Who do you think is consuming all that porn? I mean… stories about the Obama Dog.

Of Peace and Politics gives you the intern perspective in The “Chat about Obama” Podcast Okay, so you have to go through some “this one time at band camp”-esque stories about coffee to get to the heart of the experience. The youthful exuberance, energy, and sheer articulation of the experience make it worthwhile imho. just messin about the band camp, interns, not tryin to hate. (did that sound young and hip? yeah, thought not.)

Not sure if poet Bernadette Geyer is trying to make a statement with her talk of “sticks and mortar” (sticks and stones, anyone?) instead of BRICKS, but either way, she is not the only one Lamenting the Demise of the Post’s Book World and Why Some Sticks & Mortar Companies Seem to WANT to Fail For shame, Wash Post; for shame.

The Anti-DC has a rare lollipops and rainbows moment when she realizes, it’s not DC that sucks, it’s WORKING in DC. The Anti DC: being a tourist in dc is effing awesome

What’s WITH us and the snow?? Global Chameleon joins the Obamas in urging fellow Washingtonians to Buck up, snowflakes

Oh. hmm. so it’s NOT the journalists consuming all the … inappropriate and way not highbrow best of the interweb. My bad. In Don’t they have that blocked?? Purrs & Scratches takes government employees to task for having WAY too much fun. Huh. Not anyone I know. We consider office “comedy” sketches outside the building (Clyde’s) big fun. NSF, here we come.

And just so I don’t start AND end today’s postings with Porn… in the more Wholesome Fun department The Search for J Street takes us through a day in DC in Snow!