DC Blogs Noted:

On Theft and Racial Stereotyping More Than My Luggage Our writer’s man-bag is stolen at a restaurant, but what’s lost goes beyond the camera and money. An excerpt:

I honestly thought nothing of him. At one point he made his way over to that dorky stuffed-animal game and I remember thinking how funny it was that that machine was so attractive. (We had watched a guy with his kids playing with it before dinner started too.) I did not think “This guy looks sketchy” or “This guy looks like a thug” or even “What the hell is a latino guy doing in a Vietnamese restaurant (where the menus aren’t even in English)?”

Also Noted: Strange Things Are Afoot in Rosslyn, a mecca of super top secret governmental activity at night, reports The Beagle. Bay Area-based Cowgirl Creamery on the way, reports Gallery Place Living. Acadiana for lunch. For $13 I got 7 very average shrimp, some bread, a small bowl of dipping sauce (which was good) and a bag of potato chips. A review by A Capitol Life. Bicycle crashes in DC, with 17th and Connecticut & K Street NW on top, reports The WashCycle. Wednesday Night Art Attack at the Bar Rouge. Cozy cocktails, art and a toast to February Artist – Chinedu Felix Osuchukwu, writes Authentic Art DC. Snow recap: Rudi managed to hit three street signs. I hit none, writes Sprite Writes. Interesting chart at The Housing Bubble in Washington DC. Neighborhood values. Values are expressed not only by the individual acts one sees on display in a neighborhood, but by the way a community responds to those acts … from Gadi and Jenna. (Learned of this blog via Petworth News.) Snow creatures at Dan Zimmerman Reya’s birthday yesterday.