DC Blogs Noted


Destroying Our Way to Prosperity? Giving Up Control sold his 1993 Toyota Camry last year for $1,700. But under a bill proposed in Congress, it may make more sense for him, next time, to destroy the car for a tax credit. That doesn’t sit well with this blogger, who writes: The idea that destruction can improve an economy was debunked in the 19th Century by the French economist Frederic Bastiat in his classic essay “What is Seen and What is Not Seen.”

Neighborhood Terminology: Lingo in Cohi (Columbia Heights) farm fresh meat.

I Hate Ticketmaster. Sweetpea’s Garden. Scalper bots versus people.

Rewrites in progress: Two Beagles free to a good home, writes Cootie Chronicles.

A visit to the Falls Church Farmers Market. DC Foodies, which writes: From the fresh crepe stand to the booth of hot coffee, this market had a true communal feel. All of the market vendors were nice and more than willing to talk about their wares and how to prepare them.

Washington Kaleidoescope goes to the National Portrait Gallery to see the iconic image of Obama. His report.

Super Bowl Ads Leave Me Unsatisfied. So Good.