DC Blogs Noted


Lemmonex, the Food Goddess behind Culinary Couture, offers some Valentine ’s Day advice for gentleman: making food is more romantic than making reservations and she’s here to help.

Just in case you need another reason to have a political crush on, unhealthy fascination with, or simply a liking for our new president, Tom of Yours for Good Fermentables gives you one.  If you’re of the ilk that needs another reason to dislike President Obama, Too Much Skunk in Your Junk has one for you, too.

Pretty Mike writes of preparing to look his twelve year old “daughter right in the shoes” and have a conversation about menstruation.

Raw, vulnerable, but more courageous than either of the former, I Feel Like a Beached Whale from The World Would Seem a Lot Brighter if You Turned on the Lights is a compelling tale of one woman’s struggle with weight and mental health.

The Say Hay is having relationship problems with their neighborhood.  Something is just missing.

The Commuter Page Blog announces the creation of MyCasualCarpool.com, a website designed to aid in grassroots carpooling.