DC Blogs Noted


Down and Out in Washington, DC, An article in DoubleThink by the local blogger, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, looks at the downturn from the point of view of the right: specifically, young conservatives out of work. She also writes about the piece in a blog post.

Breaking up with DC. Du Wax Loolu says DC was perfect for her as a young person.

Please Take Care. That’s the title of this post about a physical assault. The comments advance the discussion. Frozen Tropics. Related: A teenage boy was shot at the Anacostia Metro — my Metro station — late Saturday evening. Random flotsam from the shattered windmills of my mind.

The Virgin Lodge. Photo by Photocynthesis.

A Valentines Day spent grocery shopping. Quiet in the Stacks.

I ***=== DC. A report from a day and night out. breathnaigh. What was feared and what actually happened.