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All Your Content Are Belong To Us, Forever.  Not to be out-Skynetted by Google, Facebook has just changed its terms of service, essentially appropriating the rights to anything you post there, even after you delete your account.  “I’ll still be using Facebook,” Boztopia notes,  “But I’ll damn sure not be hosting any photos there, and I won’t be posting anything of consequence beyond my daily updates (which are pretty prosaic.) My life is mine, and I decide how it is shared with the world at large. The same is true for you.”

Preparing for Your Impending Layoff From AOL.  With pink-slip stormclouds brewing above Northern Virginia once again, Joelogon provides helpful pre/during/post-layoff advice to the company’s newest batch of (soon-to-be) ex-employees.  Within his AOL-specific nuggets are some solid recommendations for anyone with a tenuous employment situation, so unless you just hit the Powerball, give it a click.

Seen any gargoyles lately? A.P.B. still out for two stone guardians described as “looking like a gothic cat with small wings and a snake-like tail, with their tongues sticking out. Sort of like a medieval Bill the Cat.” Former owner suspects theft or foul play but stubbornly refuses to consider the more likely scenario: demonic reanimation. New Columbia Heights.

Occam’s Razor considers the recent economic stimulus package that barely cleared the Senate** and concludes that bipartisanship is dead in Congress. (And if you’re looking for hope among the leaders of tomorrow, the recap of a recent Georgetown University student government meeting isn’t going to give you much comfort either. Humor, yes. Comfort, no.) Vox Populi.

The Increase of Plane Crashes Is Freaking Me Out! With an upcoming flight in April, DC Femella has already started reaching for the Xanax.

Perhaps boat travel is safer? French nuclear sub collides with British nuclear sub. Okay, maybe not, but at least the French sub didn’t collide with (and immediately surrender to) Somali pirates. Yet. (Footage of Somali pirates being intercepted at The Tension. Can we round them all up before the French arrive?)

All kidding aside, is getting rough out there folks – take a few precautions and do the best you can. And if it makes you wanna holler, go right on ahead and do it. (Just not on Facebook, ‘cuz if there’s any content that should be yours for time immemorial, it’s your fist-shaking tirades against THE MAN.)

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 ** Sorry, wrong Senate.