DC Blogs Noted


Maggie Dammit, the voice behind Okay.Fine.Dammit, recently launched the domestic violence blog Violence Unsilenced.  She has been overwhelmed, saddened and encouraged by the initial response.  Read the first of the Survivor Stories here.

Hump-day is a great moment to cement weekend plans and if your Friday evening is still fluid, you should consider attending the Invite Your Blog Crush Happy Hour brought to you by the objects of many a blog crush Lemmonex, Arjewtino, and Roosh.

It is a sad day for our hero, Metroman, when his trusty sidekick, SmartCard, fails him.  In Tragedy, he writes of seeking the counsel of the Wizard in the Booth, rejecting part of that counsel, and the Wizard bestowing her grace upon him.

Becoming a Parent is a Supreme Act of Bravery, so writes Jessica of A Parent in Silver Spring; and the “regular Dad” who pens Reflections of Time writes about the same bravery from a different perspective.

Gentlemen, if you are in need of another way to talk a woman out of sleeping with you, The Scarlet Letter has placed the premature use of nicknames (and a few more of our shallow-as-a-hair-root tendencies) on the list.

[f]oxymoron may not know much about DC, but he knows what he doesn’t know and spins it into an engaging post.