DC Blogs Noted


If you see something, say something talks Lessons in Entitlement on the 16th Street bus Amennnnn. What’s WITH people? sigh.

Freeverse Friday. We have so poets amongs us. Lick the Star for one. Hollow in Love

Win DSJ’s money. How would you upgrade your lifestyle, if you had the cash? You just might get your wish. Disaffected Scanner Jockey has a slightly different situation then — oh, the rest of the universe, right now: cash flushness. The challenge is on. DSJ asks you: Spend My Money

Just a bunch of silliness, really also has a hole (albeit a slightly smaller one) burning through her pocket. If I had a million dollars…. or $50 verizonbucks. either way.

Too soon for March madness? Maybe. But perfect time to get in your DC365 cupcake bracket. Cupcake Madness

New Columbia Heights challenges you to a Mustache-a-thon for local charity – one that teaches kids creative writing – a cause after my own heart. And, uhh, he says ladies can play, too. Um, ew. and cool!