DC Blogs Noted


You can live in Arlington and say you live in DC but there’s no getting around the naked truth of the Great Potomac Divide. Who Invented Roses is moving to DC in the post, NOVA I Want to Quit You.

With big crowds, big TV ratings, hockey in DC is resurging. DC Sports Report. These are the best of times for the Washington Capitals.

Lonnie Bruner rolls in the snow — literally — wearing very little clothing. Claims it is theraputic. If you say so. Photos demonstrate technique.

Last night I bumped into one of my high school crushes, writes the Diary of a Mad Asian Woman. And so she reviews her awkward years.

My Hood from the Street. There’s something warm and interesting about this collection of photos. MadPhotography .

U Street Girl writes: This seems to have slipped under everyone’s radar: apparently in late January Simply Home closed, and reopened in early February as DC Noodles. Has photo of menu. Tales of a Media Addict has dinner at DC Noodles and then heads off to the Blogger Happy Hour.

Sonnet 87 offers the best and worst book, in a number of categories, for 2008.

Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger. Don’t look at this photo until lunch. So Good.

Metro: A 42 Limited Stop? A Palisades-Bound Bus No. 3855? Mass transit observations by The Washington Oculus.

DCist Exposed 2009 – Don’t Miss It, recommends User 40.0.