DC Blogs Noted


A well done and amusing video, with serious overtones, of a history of car crashes at Grant Circle that have knocked over trees, Metro equipment, hydrants, etc. via Petworth News. Grant circle on a map.

This may mean congratulations. Smash.

Pregnancy by the numbers in DC schools: Out of my 60 9th graders, seven are pregnant or have a child. Seven. I’m no mathematician (wait, yes I am) but that’s like 12% of my 14 year-olds. Yikes, right? Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare.

Beautiful urban artwork by hipchickindc via a post by Prince of Petworth

Should Metro Charge More? Unsuck DC Metro plugs in Metro’s fares into an inflation calculator and discovers that in 2007 dollars, Metro, in some ways, is cheaper now than it was in the ’80s.

Highlights, lowlights, and other Oscar observations by Footnotes. Others writing as well: Worst Oscars Ever? Cheat to Win.

Life in smaller spaces. A 450 sq. ft. apartment. discovering urbanism.

Interesting Business Week story: While New York Bleeds, Washington Thrives.