DC Blogs Noted


The Foggy Dew betrays his journalism background and becomes convinced that paper newspapers must go away by necessity.  He almost convinced me too, but I’m a Luddite.

Our first urban president in history, an economic crisis driven in large measure by housing, and a stimulus package with a considerable metropolis driven element, are the confluence of issues that make re-examining the value proposition of home ownership a timely topic.  Greater Greater Washington does just that in Encourage Renting and Mobility to Reduce Sprawl.  The comments provide an engaging and civil discussion of the pros and cons too.

Just in case the main leading economic indicators aren’t giving you enough to consider, The Soft Lounge Blog has discovered one component of what I have termed the GEI (Google Economic Index.) illustrated in a handy chart. Soft Lounge’s take:  How Bad is This Economy, he asks.

Listen to Leon is forced to question the membership policies of his “nice, clean, overpriced gym.”  Who Let the Crackhead on the Court may not be safe for work due to colorful language and enough laughs to let your co-workers know that you definitely aren’t working.

If you’ve done nothing to celebrate Black History Month, the Bloomingdale Blog highlights one of your last chances.  The First Annual A – W – E Festival is Saturday, 28 February 2009 at the St. Georges Church.

Not Afraid to Use It examines the complicated relationship between anger, punishment, forgiveness, and vengeance in When the Roses aren’t Red, a thought provoking if not agreement inducing post.

In honor of the Top Chef Finale airing this evening… Jordan Baker of Dealing in Subterfuges recently had the opportunity to meet Carla, one of the Cheftestant Finalists and a Washingtonian.  What does she think about the show, and some her fellow Cheftestants?