DC Blogs Noted


The author of West Coast Wanderlust has to file for unemployment over the phone (can’t just apply online for some reason) but everyone in the unemployment office is either furloughed or laid off, which does not result in timely acceptance of the application, much less receipt of benefits.

Last night’s address by President Obama (yes, it still gives me pleasure to write: “President Obama” instead of “President Bush”) wasn’t an official State of the Union address.  Silent Cacophony wonders what the President would say about the Union’s condition? The author also assumes no-one would have laughed, but everyone would have quaked with fear, if Bush had said: “Nobody messes with Dick.”

A DC Birding Blog looked at last night’s Presidential address from an environmental perspective.

Bailout Bill was at Union Station today, according to Congress Heights on the Rise.

If you didn’t get BB’s $50 (see link above), Queering Domesticity has some depression-cooking frugality tips for you.

Frozen Topics writes about African Continuum Theater’s spring season.

Keeping your cute on? Rantings of a Creole Princess explains how (yeah, normally I would write about the influence of the patriarchy: I’m resisting that urge, just for you, whoever you are). So read about the daily beauty regimen. And yes, I love the Creole Princess: I read her for tips about how my daughters will deal for the world in which they live.

KassyK has been blogging at Caged Bird Sings for three years now: here are some thoughts of hers about her blogging life.

Seeking John Galt’s latest post asks: how do people know, absolutely know, what they are supposed to do with their lives?

The truly delightfully-named blog <most likely to> </die alone>* contemplates Google and Gmail and the insidious way they have infiltrated our lives, probably in a dire plan to steal our precious bodily fluids.

Okay, it’s taking every bit of self-control that I possess (it – self control – ain’t much, but hey, it’s what I’ve got) not to write something snide about Dubya’s new career as an orator (What? Paris Hilton was booked?), but I don’t have to be the mean-spirirted harridan you know because NotionsCapital does it much better than I ever could. Thank you, from everyone. And it’s a new job for someone who otherwise might be unemployable, so it’s helping the recovery, right?

*I freely admit, I’m a sicko, but that’s just a great blog name. Almost as good as the Best Blog Name Ever**: My Boyfriend Is a Twat.

**As declared, by, well, me.