DC Blogs Noted:

Please Hold Candy Sandwich A well written, hopscotch account of a day that includes jury duty and sirens. For some background on the siren part see, Crews Worked to Restore Power in Parts of Downtown

I realized, somewhat slowly, that the sirens I’d heard ebbing and flowing were not general city sounds but noises associated with the courthouse. At least some of the fire trucks, police, ambulances seemed to be stopping in front of us. Eventually, someone made an announcement, someone at the front, by the doors. I couldn’t quite hear it. People started walking away.

Unmerciful Media and other Complaints DC Mayor Anthony Williams Blog Mayor Williams has turned out one of his better posts, combining politics, faith, and angst. (DCist take on it.) An excerpt:

Oh, and I know, one can savor the criticisms for lessons learned or sift the sands of experience for deeper meaning, and this sounds good. The problem comes when you realize a lot of the criticism is, while well-intentioned, uninformed, self-interested, and or inconsistent. What happens when the judge in the flip-flop competition is flip-flopping himself?

Also Noted A guide to parking in my neighborhood: Park illegally. Lonnie Bruner. Regarding the media shooting coverage: Where is this rage and enthusiasm for rescuing Social Security, helping the environment, strengthening the economy or fighting the War on Terror? We have seriously misplaced our priorities and we need to get back on track – Beauty and the Beltway. Getting tested for syphilis is turning into quite a project, writes Tiaras Optional about the pre-wedding drill. My cream of wheat has exploded all over the corporate microwave, writes My Grass is Blue. No breakfast. And I’m an auditor. I think I’ll take it out on the client. What’s not being said by Chertoff, according to RandomDuck. Weblogger Meetup attendance report at the Goodspeed Update. Rob chairs the group. Chillcoaster. Capital Weather. Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce recipe at Just a Bump in the Beltway. New restaurants, including BLT, reports Metrocurean. The blogger happy hour is back, Wed. Feb. 22, 7 p.m., Lucky Bar. Kathryn and I-66 are the organizers. These have been great fun and wonderful way to meet your fellow bloggers and readers. Site note: Will return Tuesday because of holiday