DC Blogs Noted


Stirrup Queens posts an ode to the DC Public Library, and eventually all libraries and all librarians.

If you’ve ever wondered whether to ask a personal question of a stranger, consider this post on Toddler Planet.  There’s no right or wrong answer; just remember, you asked.  

Why would there be different directional arrows for readers of English than for readers of Spanish, ponders the Abbot of Unreason

Commuter Page Blog wants to Copenhagenize the D.C. area.  There’s a meeting about it, with at least one Dane in attendance, on March 11.  Tak

Big Money Tony wonders about a sign on the Clara Barton Parkway.

Kelli’s Red Door:  “I could afford the divorce, the marriage not so much.”

And a little late (he posted on February 16), but hey, people are still getting laid off, so here are Joe Logon’s tips, at Dumb Things I Have Done Lately for how to survive an AOL layoff (or any layoff).

Photo Note: Found in the photo files; the late and great Comet.